Monday, November 24, 2014

The New Art Studio

Hello dear readers. As you know, I've been rearranging my entire home this fall. Why am I doing this? I wrote a bit about it HERE a few weeks ago. But there is another reason. Do you remember THIS beautiful studio space (below) I created in my converted garage?

It was lovely and I have so enjoyed using it for the past 18 months. But we have some new developments that require I vacate this space. My radical homemaking journey has helped me to re-evaluate my home. Where can I conserve resources? Where can I cut down on waste? Where can I engage in the sharing economy and get my home working for me? How can I use my home to create community?

The answer? Make this space available as a rental. In the coming year, we will have one of my favorite couples in the entire universe moving into this studio space. We will partially barter and partially rent. I like to consider it more of a co-housing situation than a rental. We'll share meal making, share in the backyard garden project, divide a little of the child care and all have a happier, more connected, more financially solid life in return.

So, where is the new studio? We have four bedrooms. One is the master, one is shared by my sons, the third is a TV den and the fourth is a guest room. I flipped my boys into the guest room and moved my studio into the boys' room. The one sacrifice I've had to make is that the art studio will also house a queen sized bed for guests. We have family visiting all year around and a guest space is a must. So here is the new art studio, doubling also as a guest room. It's a little hap-hazard, but I think it works beautifully for our purposes.

I had a little helper join me for the photos.


Connie said...

I love it. Looks like the perfect solution! Can't wait to sleep in there with all the artistic vibes around me.

Betsy said...

Looks wonderful!

Emily said...

You are so organized and this space totally works!

Gigi Thibodeau said...

The old studio was beautiful, but I love the reason why you needed to move to a new space in the house. What an elegant solution!

Rachel Anderson said...

Love this Sarah. Cheers to you for living a conscious life.. It takes courage and higher thinking to tap into the human experience and translate those principles into practical daily living. So many walk through life in a fog trying to keep up with cultural norms and a lifestyle they don't even know they hate. You are enlightened! Think like a pioneer! Make every square inch and every scrap serve your survival--your physical survival and your soul's. Man I sound like a hippie. :) Well done on the space..R