Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 Year In Review

Every year I do a little re-cap of the previous year's completed projects and achievements. It's a nice way to take stock of the past 12 months and breathe a sigh of contentment before pressing on to new resolutions and goals. (If you're interested, you can take a look back at 20122011and 2010.) But I didn't do it alone - so many wonderful people conspired to help make this year happen for me. Thank you!! Here are my top twenty 2013 highlights in no particular order.

I gave my dining set a makeover.
(Thank you Joel and Meg.)

I had my first ever solo art show.
(Thank you Denisa and Cheryl.)

I was one of the featured photographers for Trans.lation Vickery Meadow - a public art installation in Dallas that was part of the Nasher Sculpture Center's 10th anniversary project called the Nasher XChange. (Thank you Marla.)

Did a front porch makeover using items found in the bulk trash.
(Thank you Betty for hauling this home in your van for me.)

I painted my potting hutch.
(Thank you Martha.)

Repaired my cracked back patio and made it wheel chair accessible for my son, Charlie.
(Thank you Scott and Rafael.)

After years of wishing, I finally attended the Squam Art Workshops in New Hampshire.
(Thank you Gail and Mom.)

I learned to knit.
(Thank you Michelle.)

I sang a song.
(Thank you Deanna.)

which was written up in the Las Vegas Review HERE.
(Thank you Daria.)

Began my Radical Homemaking journey.
(Thank you Karen, Deanna, Rob and Linda.)

Published my first ever print photos for a magazine!
(Thank you mom for letting me photograph your garden.)

I was featured on Our Style Stories - my home HERE and my studio HERE.
(Thank you Hilary.)

After a five year hiatus from the stage, I played Rosemary in William Inge's "Picnic".
(Thank you Bill.)

I took a wonderful trip to NYC with my husband 
and visited the MoMA for their exhibit Inventing Abstraction.
(Thank you Betsy and Jack.)

My home was featured on a local home tour.
(Thank you Kami and LHAECPTA.)

My six year old and I had THIS amazing conversation about love.
(Thank you Kevin and Keith.)

I took our converted garage and made it into my art studio and workspace. 
And then it was featured on Houzz.com!
(Thank you Jack, Walker and Charlie.)

Transformed my oldest son's room into a shared bedroom for both of my boys.
(Thank you Ikea.)

I published 37 articles for Houzz.com, 
including THIS treehouse story, which went crazy-balls viral.
(Thank you James, Jeri and Steve.)

Thank you, dear readers, for making 2013 such a great year.
Happy New Year's Eve - stay safe out there.



Connie said...

You are an inspiration. All of those accomplishments while taking care of a home and family. Beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Szczęśliwego Nowego Roku!!!

Rachel Anderson said...

wonderful list! I wrote a similar piece for tomorrow. So proud of all you've done and I've been with you on the journey!! Happy New Year! love R

JMedina said...

Okay, you are now officially the most inspiring person I know. For someone who didn't know you, they might not understand what a miracle this is, but I know that every bit of it, is a manifestation of your willingness to let go and love everything, including yourself. It's your unique gift to us all. Thank you for shining your light onto the path!

Sarah Greenman said...

Thank you so much Jeanne - you just made my week. xoxoxo

Rosemary Dunn said...

Thank YOU Sarah. As the others have said you are an inspiration. Knowing you are trying to tread a similar path to me is very validating! Blessings to you and your boys, big and small, for 2014. (How do you feel about a commission from Australia?) Rosemary

Sarah Greenman said...

Rosemary Dunn! Yes - a commission from Australia! Let's do it. Contact me at lamaisonboheme [at] gmail [dot] com and lets chat. xo

Betsy said...

Amazing year! And these highlights are fun to see and remember! Of course the list could go to 200 or 2000 easily. You Rocked 2013!! Here's to 2014!

Karen said...

Certainly those highlights, but also the day to day accomplishments that I'm sure only you can appreciate -- for all of that know I am always on the sidelines cheering you on.

with affection and admiration,