Monday, December 30, 2013

My Boys Share a Room

This bedroom has had quite a few incarnations. It began as my oldest's nursery, then quickly shifted to his "big boy" bedroom. When our second came along they shared the bedroom for a short while. Then we separated them and now, they're ready to reunite and share a bedroom again.

This is a very high functioning space. It has to sleep both boys, house all of their clothes, shoes, equipment, toys and books. One child is a very active six-year-old who has lots of little Legos, mini cars, bits, bobs and wee parts that must be kept out of reach and the other is a non-ambulatory three-year-old who must have low lying access to his books and therapy toys. Its moments like these when I'm so grateful for Ikea's line of children's furniture! Everything you see in the room below we already had on hand somewhere in the house. The only new piece is that polka dot rug I bought second hand form a neighbor. Here is our shared boys' bedroom:

Why has it changed do much in the past four years?
Its because I am constantly changing things up to suit the needs of our family and household.
Here are the previous incarnations:

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Rachel Anderson said...

Incredible. Nice work. All rooms should have this kind of function! :) R