Saturday, December 28, 2013

This Week in the Studio | Art Commissions

Happy Saturday everyone!

Today, a little bit of shameless self-promotion! Much of the art work I do is commissioned by clients hoping that I might collaborate with them and meld our mutual aesthetic and vision. I love working with people, so commissions seem like a natural fit for me. Here's my latest piece, commissioned by a friend in the Dallas area. She saw a photo that I took of Squam Lake last September and asked that I recreate that landscape for her.

Here is the finished piece:

Squam Lake  -  48" x 60" acrylic on canvas

Here is the original photo:

And here is the piece in the client's foyer:

If you're interested in a commission, please don't hesitate to contact me. I paint any and all manner of sizes on both canvas and paper. You can always contact me at lamaisonboheme [at] gmail [dot] com. And if you'd like to see archives of my past work, click HERE.

Here's what some recent clients have to say about collaborating with me:

The artwork we commissioned from Sarah Greenman is vibrant, joyful and transcendent. Using only a brief conversation about colors, imagery and emotion, Sarah crafted a stunning piece of art that will have a place of honor in our home for years to come. I’m proud to place her work into my collection and look forward to working with her again on future projects.
- Jen Anderson (Snoqualmie, WA) 

I am in awe Sarah’s ability to take a piece of my heart and put it on a canvas. With only a few guiding words, she was able to bring to life the very picture that inspires me and my practice. I cannot begin to express the gratitude I have for her, her talent, and her life. Truly original and inspirational work!
- Denisa Weber, Doctor of Chiropractic (Dallas, TX) 

Sarah Greenman’s art means ‘creativity, sparks, intuition, and personality’. Sarah and I talked about size, colors, and feeling, nothing more. Before seeing the painting I had pictured it on a certain wall in our home, and when the painting arrived I was very moved by what Sarah had captured on the canvas; however another wall just screamed, “I want it. Hang it here!” I did. It is perfect. I love it and cannot wait to add more Sarah Greeman paintings to my repertoire.
 - Jean Lange (Tucson, AZ) 

We are absolutely in love with our piece of art from Sarah Greenman. When we were talking about he type of artwork we wanted, there were so many things in the back of my head that I ended up keeping to myself because I wanted Sarah’s work, and not an interpretation of what I had in my head. Without saying that much, she managed to read my mind. It represents all of the things we love and is so special to us. Thank you Sarah, I cannot wait for more down the road!
- Veronica Deats (Dallas, TX) 

I am the owner of 4 of Sarah’s pieces. The first three I commissioned for my exercise studio, and the 4th I just fell in love with at first sight. For the commissioned work, we had a conversation about what kind of feeling I wanted for my space, and I gave Sarah three words and three colors that I wanted the paintings to represent. She did such a magnificent job on “Strength,” “Determination,” and “Compassion” that I still get moved to tears sometimes when looking at the work. Sarah is easy to work with, very professional and personable, and she gave me exactly what I wanted even though I didn’t know how to articulate it.
 - Mallory Monsour Dubuclet (Dallas, TX)

I hope you're all having a great weekend! 


Toni McLellan said...

Wow, I really love this,

Unknown said...

Just flipped through your tumblr site. Just. Wow. I'm in love with your water colors.

Sarah Greenman said...

Thank you so much Courtney!