Thursday, September 19, 2013

Creameries & Covered Bridges

Although my time at the Squam Art Workshops is over, the thoughts, conversations and interactions I had there are still swirling around me as I move through my days. On my final full day in New Hampshire, my mama and I took a country drive that meandered through the towns of Sandwich, Tamworth and Holderness. We happened upon farmer's markets, roadside maple syrup stands and the Durgin bridge. We also stopped for homemade ice cream at the Sandwich Creamery on the way back to Squam Lake. It was impossible to choose just one flavor of ice cream, so we decided on a three small tubs of cinnamon, ginger and peppermint. Once we were back at the campgrounds, I took another dip in Squam lake - my new happy place.


Betsy said...

Such beautiful photos. Covered bridges are in my 'nostalgia' spaces... Pop would always tell us to hold our breath and if we could do it all the way through we'd get to make a wish. Of course he'd slow to a crawl in the bridge! Giggle!!

Eliza Twist said...

Beauty abounds in New Hampshire! Thanks for sharing your post Squam adventures and beautiful photos. It helps to ease back into normal life to see everybody's reminiscences.

Rachel Anderson said...