Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Make & Do

One of the wonderful things I took away from my time at Squam was the urge to make something everyday. Just make something. Write a poem. Take a photo. Bake a loaf of bread. Knit. Garden. Making something with your hands feels good and connects you with your home, your family, your friends and your environment - all good things.

l took an afternoon walk and happened upon some skeins of dyed wool at the Forage & Ferment class being offered at the Squam Art Workshops by Rachel Bingham. It's such a beautiful and simple way to infuse your fabric and yarns with the world around you. If you're interested, Amanda Soule has a lovely tutorial for dying fibers in her book Rhythm of the Family.

Then I stopped in at the Alternative Stitch course being offered by Emily Falconbridge. Em walked workshop participants through the process of dismantling their cast-off clothes and stitching up new clothes from old clothes. I will never look at my thrift store donation pile in the same way again!

I had a lovely time painting and gluing and glazing and piecing together my little works of art at Suzy Pilgrim's class. It was a pleasure to have a full day to simply putter around with someone else's art materials. Here I am below laying down tissue paper on a piece of paper. The last two photos are of my finished pieces.


Emily said...

Love it all!
What a fun time!

Connie said...

It was so fun doing Emily's class. I stopped by a thrift store on my way home to grab some good tshirts to make pants for my grandson, Charlie Bear!