Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Artist Marta Whislter

This past Christmas, I had the supreme pleasure of meeting Marta Whistler.  My husband and I had dinner with her, her lovely husband and three daughters. Afterward, we adjourned to her daughter's home where Marta and I had a chance to talk about, among many other things, art and the business of making art. Here are some of the amazing gems she imparted to me that night:

"As an artist, it is not your job to be a taste maker. Your only job is to show up in front of the canvas and create something."

"To live a 'normal' life - children, home, husband, etc. - when you are an artist, is a courageous act. It takes courage to live in the world as a civilian while continuing to make art. But this will make your work all the more interesting."

"Make the art and forget about it. Do not pass judgment on your work. It's time will come. But until that happens, move on and make more art."

My talk with Marta is still working on me all these months later. Marta was like my fairy god mother for that one evening - a momentary artist mentor. Artists tend to be such solitary creatures when it comes to the creative act. But not Marta. She was generous, spirited, funny, free with her laughter and ready to share her thoughts about art, motherhood, conformity and salt shakers. My short time with Marta was very illuminating and I feel that were we closer - she is in Pennsylvania and I am in Texas - we would become fast friends. If you have a moment today, take a look at her website and online gallery.  I got lost for hours pouring through her impressive body of work. Maybe you will as well.

Here is Marta's Artist Statement from her website: 

I work in different styles-symbolism, abstract, semi-abstract, figurative, still life, traditional-and I do not title my work. Whatever the style, there are no titles for my paintings and sculptures beyond their identification numbers because I want to prod the viewer's mind to discern its own patterns, images, and emotional associations. To engage directly with the work of art and through this interaction to experience something unique seems to me much better than submitting to the guidance of a label.
Just as I do not want to lock in the viewer's experience of my work, so I do not want to be locked in myself as an artist by conformity to a single identifying style. My work features bold colors combined with intense layered and textured forms. The statement my art makes usually is seen to be powerful and emotionally evocative. My styles may change, but color and activity of line always exert their influence on my work.

Marta M. Whistler

Click HERE to see more of her work.


Karena said...

So excited and impressed Sarah. Off to look at her site and I am so happy you had the opportunity to spend time with Martha!

PS I am having a Paris Book Giveaway!
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Rachel Anderson said...

SO inspiring!! Thanks for sharing! I love her work and her WORDS. Encouraging for any artist who feels pressure to "be a certain way" in order to be called an artist. Why limit yourself to one genre when you feel inspired in multiple things!