Monday, April 29, 2013

Midcentury Houzz Tour

Good morning my sweet little Monday readers. Remember last week when I posted about the Kitschy toys and collections HERE?  Well here's the full home tour on It's an wonderful midcentury modern home in Dallas created by two design savvy home owners, James and Cindy Stolp.  The couple used to have a design studio downtown and are life-long midcentury kitsch collectors.  Their smart home, which is rigged top to bottom with awesome gear from Smart Things (a company that James co-founded), is fun, bright, colorful and pretty sophisticated for a home that also houses two small children. Read the full article HERE.

Click below to read the whole she-bang and see more photos!

P.S. The article I did on the tree house for made it all the way to the Huffington Post this past Friday!  Isn't that crazy?  Click HERE to read the article.

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Anonymous said...

Incredible! I love how they have (and you captured) so many fun details without it looking cluttered. That orange dinosaur may just be my favorite. Well done, Sarah!