Friday, September 09, 2016

Smoke & Steam

Purification rituals have always spoken to me. I love burning a sage bundle in a new space or sitting in a steam room to purge the body. The sight and smell of circling smoke or the look of steam that rises from a bath or a cup of tea is such an evocative sensory experience.

As I enter into some big life transitions like coming up on my 40th, changing the dynamic of my work life, and simplifying my financial obligations, I've been engaging in these purification practices. Hot steamy cups of tea in the morning, burning incense sticks in the evenings - it all points towards ritualized transformation. At its most basic level, its a way of honoring where I'm at in my journey.

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Ceci said...

Good for you! I have been trying to slow down as well. A few things I have been working on is 1. start saying no - nothing wrong with saying no. 2. stop apologizing for EVERYTHING. Some things just don't have anything to do with me and I don't need to apologize so much. 3. simplify - clean out the clutter in life, work and home. :)

I have been unplugged at home for a few years now & it's WONDERFUL! No computer - no landline. Just my little cell phone (b/c it's just me)

Best to you and your family!! I love your blog!

Connie (in VA - fam. in Bastrop & Danbury)