Monday, September 12, 2016

Simplicity = Freedom

The rebellion has begun. I've said YES until I can say YES no longer. Now, its time to scale back and figure out how to become un-tethered from all the volunteer obligations and meetings, web-devices and engagements. I never wanted to be busy, but I said YES because there was work to be done and no one seemed to be doing it. I said YES because it felt good to give and to see my work change the scene. I said YES because I was the only one able to say YES. But now, it's time to dial down the volume and listen. Optimal, soulful, joyful, simple living. That's what I'm after. Its what I've always been after.

I'm giving myself the next year to seriously scale back and take stock. Here are the 10 categories in which I am going to simplify the SHIT out of my life.

My Possessions – objects and things only complicate my life. They suck energy, time, money and attention. I'd rather be spending time with my family.

My Debt – Nothing good comes from debt. I'm starting TODAY. My student loans, the huge car payment for my son's handicap accessible van, the medical bills from the last five years of life with a special needs child... it's all got to go. I also no longer want to be in relationship to large corporate lending institutions that SUCK the blood of our citizenry.

My Goals – I feel like I'm trying to accomplish too many BIG things at once. Building school gardens, writing a book, opening an art studio, hosting a charity auction, planing a national conference on gender equity in the arts. WHAT? This is WAY too much. I think one or maybe two big goals at a time is plenty.

My Multi-Tasking – Multi-tasking isn't a real thing. I'm either doing one thing well or I am distracted and trying to do many things at once. Focus on the task at hand. Take the time it takes to finish it. Then move on.

My Time – I don't know about you, but I have packed my life with work, kid’s activities, home care, a CRAZY amount of unpaid volunteer work, community events and more. I need to sit down and decide what is of the greatest value and slash all the rest.

My Words – People, I need to use fewer words. I need to keep my mouth shut and my ears open. Plain, simple and honest speech is the best way to go.

My Fake Food – I am simplifying my food. If its not a whole food, it's not going in my mouth. Artificial ingredients can kiss my ass.

My Screen Time – I'm turning it off. The screen will only be available to me during "work hours". Otherwise it's off. A technology diet was instituted in my home three weeks ago and we've ALL been happier for it. (Even the 8 year old).

Simplifying my life will be a rebellion. To do it well, I'll have to buck the system that continually tells me I need to HAVE certain things, BUY certain things, SAY certain things, WEAR certain things, LOOK a certain way, FEEL a certain way. I've been dancing on the edge of this kind of change for a long time. Urban homesteading, gardening, backyard chickens, capsule wardrobes - it all points towards simplifying my way of being. But now, I'm ready for the big jump. I'm ready to be truly free. You heard it here first! Let's see where this takes me!


Connie said...

This all sounds good! I've always thought it was hard to create in chaos. It will feel good to get un-fettered! You can do this.

Taste of France said...

Bravo to you!
Although re time, I find that if I have 10 things to do, I'll get 9 done. But if I have 100 things to do, I'll get 90 done. Same percentage, but a lot more accomplished. Husband is the kind who picks 2 things to do and gets them both done, then focuses on the 1 or 10 things I didn't manage to finish instead of all the things I did.