Saturday, July 02, 2016

Summer Chickens

My backyard hens are doing well in the summer heat, although they get a little pissy in the late afternoons. I've been letting them eat around the edges of my vegetable beds. This adds a healthy dose of kale, mint, and oregano to their diet. Their favorite snack is still a handful of meal worms, though. When it gets over 100 degrees, I usually take a shallow pan of ice to the hens. The ice melts quickly, but the water is cool and refreshing for the ladies. Gladys likes to stand in the water and cool off her feet.


Connie said...

I love your photos. My daughter was telling me about her chickens yesterday when she called. She also has four, but they are still babies, just starting to get there real feathers. Her and the granddaughters have been wanting chickens forever and now they are having so much fun learning about them and watching them in the backyard. I would love to get some, but my hubby is totally against it . . . it's nice that I can visit yours. Thanks for the sweet photos.

sandy said...

Great photos - loved seeing them - I don't have chickens but would love too.