Wednesday, July 06, 2016

In the Studio

Hi friends! Yesterday was my 38th birthday and it was a goodie. Not only did my little family have all sorts of simple and sweet surprises cooked up for my enjoyment, I also had some open time painting in my new studio. So dreamy.

The first thing to go on the wall in the new space was the painting that started it all. I still work on it from time to time, because I don't ever feel like it's done. But this particular piece from 2010 was a communication directly from my inner self saying, "I know your hands are full right now, and I know that you have the weight of the world on your shoulders, what with Charlie's upcoming craniofacial surgery, and I know that you feel that the life you planned just flew out the window... but no matter what, keep making art." So, as you can imagine, I like to keep it in my workspace as a mantra: just keep at it.

I also spent some time this week working on new coaster art for my Choice Hotel friends. You can see the whole collection HERE.  These are all a part of my American Landscape Series for the Cambria Suites & Hotels franchise. The destinations from left to right are Durham NC, El Segundo, CA, Southlake, TX and McAllen TX.

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Connie said...

Love the additions to painting, and the new coasters look amazing. So happy you have a new space that inspires you!