Friday, March 04, 2016

The California Casita

I've landed and my home base for the next three weeks is my home town - the place of my birth and breeding - Paso Robles, CA. I'll be staying in a little mother-in-law suite, situated in the back of a family home. This has been lovingly named "The Casita" and was built by my brilliantly talented step-father and mother. (Remember them on Houzz HERE, HERE and HERE?)

The Casita has a judicious floor plan that includes a perfectly appointed tiny kitchen, a bathroom with stand-up shower and closet, and a ship's ladder that takes you from the bathroom up to the coziest loft bedroom known to man.

The main living area has just enough room for two club chairs, a TV and a fold-down table that can be pulled out if needed for a meal. A beautiful stone hearth at the center of this wee house is the sole source of heat. The home has a distinct Arts & Crafts vibe with wood beams, mission style furniture and leaded glass light fixtures.

(Thank you Mama, for making such a beautiful place for me to land 
during this crucial time of renewal and healing.) 


Emily said...

Charm galore! Enjoy your alone time.

sandy said...

wow love this!! I was just in Paso a few weeks back - i love that town. My sis is in SLO. What a beautiful place to refresh.