Monday, September 29, 2014

Radical Homemaking | Week Old Chicks

The chicks are all looking healthy and happy this week. They're still in the brooder, of course, exploring their confines under a 250 watt heat lamp. But in the afternoons, when the temps reach 90-plus, I take them into the back yard and let them peck and scratch at the grass a bit. For such tiny babies, so reliant on my care and feeding, they certainly are independent.

They are also growing very quickly and each new hour brings with it a new set of feathers. Their downy fluff will be done in no time. They're already trying to "fly the coop", so I'll need to cover their brooder today or tomorrow with chicken wore or hardware cloth.





And here they are all together:


Connie said...

Looking good ladies!

Betsy said...

Fun to see your chicks. Will you be making a playlist dedicated to their names? giggle