Monday, August 11, 2014

Culture Maps | Books, Music and Movies

I love getting book recommendations from friends. One of my favorite ways to start a conversation is, "Well, if you liked that book, then you'll definitely want to check out..." A friend of mine just turned me on to a website that recommends movies, music and books based on your preferences.

You enter the title of a band, movie, or book into the respective search, and the results produce a cloud of answers. The closer the clusters are to the center, the greater chance you’ll like them. The closer any two names are, the greater chance someone will like them both. It's kind of brilliant. Give it a whirl!

Here were my results based on Joni Mitchell in the music category,
"Raising Arizona" for the movie category and
Gabriel Garcia Marquez in the literature category.


Anonymous said...

Ah, wonderful resource! Thank you for sharing - this is exactly what I need when my reading urge kicks in!

Val said...

That sounds interesting - I can't wait to try it out! But I don't see how Raising Arizona would be so close to Sling Blade and Twin Peaks in the movie category. It's often the very specific things about a book or movie or music that I like, not the general.

Emily said...

This is new to me! Love it!