Monday, May 26, 2014

Handmade Gifts

Part of my Radical Homemaking journey involves reusing materials I have on hand. I am very conscious of what our family is throwing away and I love to give tired household items a second, third or fourth life as something new.

Now I'm extending this thinking to my gift giving habits. In our family, summer is the season of birthdays. If I headed to the store to buy new for all of my family and friends, I would be broke. I would have also overlooked some wonderful gifting opportunities. Here are some great hand made gift ideas that I want to try! Each of them can be accomplished with items I already have on hand in and around my home.


Drop Cloth Clutch

This clutch was made using canvas drop cloth from an artist's studio. When the canvas had served it's purpose, the artist used left over paint to cover the canvas and cut it into swatches. It was then stitched up into this awesome fold over clutch.

Materials I already have on hand:
  -  old canvas drop cloth
  -  paint
  -  vintage zippers purchased in bulk at a thrift store
  -  sewing machine

Mandala Paper Weights

These flat stones have been decorated with Mandala style markings, just like you'd see Henna artists make on skin. I think they're gorgeous!

Materials I already have on hand:
  -  flat stones
  -  Sharpie


Mismatched Pillow Cases

Pillow cases don't take much material and they are exceedingly easy to construct. Even someone with the most basic sewing skills can accomplish this patter. These have a fancy crochet edge, but ribbon or vintage lace would be just as nice.

Materials I already have on hand:
  -  scrap material and vintage sheets
  -  sewing machine


camille said...

What clever ideas, Sarah. I especially love the pillow cases. So cute, and something I would love to receive myself. Thanks for the inspiration!

Tami Cohen said...

love :)

Anonymous said...

The pillow cases are fresh and always useful. We exchange white elephant gifts on Boxing Day(day after Christmas) with my sister's family. No need to buy anything new, just pass on what you do not need anymore. There are many laughs, but also some very appropriate items have come my way.