Monday, April 07, 2014

Greens for the Soul

I can't quite explain how much I love my little raised bed of green food in my back yard. I realize that tending a garden isn't exactly revolutionary. Sure - farmers have been doing it every day, all year long for centuries. I mean... it's no secret that when you stuff a seed in the ground and feed it soil, water and sun, it will grow. But oh-me-oh-my, it's still such a miracle, isn't it?

The seeds I sowed in the deep dark of late December on my studio windowsill are thriving now. I'm harvesting 5 varieties of mixed lettuces, Red Russian Kale, America Spinach and swiss chard. I also have a nice little bunch of basil, rosemary, thyme and sage. When I began considering a backyard veggie garden, I was nervous. I usually kill most delicate green things - not out of neglect, but of ignorance. To see my raised bed doing so well is astonishing to me. To say I'm a proud mama is an understatement.

This week, I've been juicing and eating my backyard crop with glee. Every salad I serve my family seems like a giddy experimental party. Its as if I'm getting away with something I shouldn't. I look at my nightly intake of organic fresh-cut greens and tally the Whole Foods bill in my head. I announce, "This would have cost me $6.50!" My family smiles and nods and continues chewing. "And this here, this would have been $3.80 a bunch!" More quiet smiles. They must surely think I'm batty. And the truth is I am!

I love being in the garden. I love meditating on the expanding size of my little plants. I love knowing that I started everything from organic heirloom seeds. I love the taste - oh my God the incredible taste! - of fresh lettuce. I love growing my own food. I could break into song...

The first leaves from my Celeste Fig tree came out this weekend!

The mixed lettuces are the belles of the ball right now.

 Nasturtiums (Empress of India) are just starting to join the party.

Scarlet carrots are on their way!

Red Russian Kale, with it's flashy purple vein, is ready to harvest.

After my herbs seemed bone dead from the ice storm, they've come back even stronger!

And of course, my garden helpers: Walker, Charlie and the Spiral Goddess!


Rachel Anderson said...

Fab! Good for you!!

Betsy said...

Beautiful! and nourishing in so many ways. Amazing how it has grown in what seems a short time.