Saturday, February 08, 2014

This Week in the Studio

I've stopped using my easel. Well, not entirely. I love working on it for the contained pieces, but most of my work these days seems to be hugely messy. So, I'm embracing the mess. Ive taped a large swath of brown paper on my wall and spread out a canvas drop cloth underfoot. Then I hang the canvases directly on the wall. It's working out beautifully.

It's been a fruitful week in the studio. In addition to the pet portrait I posted yesterday, I've completed two commissions. The first is a double canvas. My client wanted something for her office. The second commission is for a client who fell in love with a previous piece of art (Rising) and wanted something similar in a new color scheme. I love them both so much that I want to keep them. But I'll be strong and hand them over.

Also, this week my second newsletter went out to subscribers. If you haven't signed up for "In the Studio", my monthly newsletter, than hop over HERE and do so!

Here's a peek at the new work:

In process on Instagram

My new painting set-up.

Mujer Sabia - 20 x 48 inch acrylic on canvas

Mujer Sabia (detail)

Mujer Sabia (detail)

Rising II - 18 x 18 inch acrylic on canvas

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Connie said...

Fabulous. Love the strength in the big piece.