Thursday, October 24, 2013

Glass Shower Ideas

Bathing my son is kind of a crazy ordeal. He's a strong kid with very little coordination and a little unwieldy when wet. We've crossed over from baby to boy and now bath time is becoming more and more infrequent. So with his particular disability we're thinking - just thinking, mind you - about retooling our shower / bath situation. There's not a lot of room (or money) to work with, but I think if I planned it well, we could come up with a solution that wouldn't break the bank. Here's what I dream of - something super stylish and completely handicap accessible - a walk-in style situation with a bench and room to maneuver.





But the bathrooms above are kind of out there for my real-life budget. They live in the land of dream bath. Since my budget is small, I may end just up doing something with a glass shower screen and a new shower head like the pictured below from

Showerlux Designa Shower Screen


bofill said...

Sarah, I just put in a new handheld-type shower head and I *love* it!
The ability to adjust the height is nice, it has a few different settings, and it was absolutely simple to install.

Sarah Greenman said...

Thanks Karla! That looks great!

Betsy said...

The shower fixture in my tub has a section that becomes the hand held attachment - Loewes, I think. It just slides into the bigger round head. it was just like installing a regular attachment.
Glass Screen - I'm always nervous about glass 'cause I'd be the first to bump my head on it reaching in.
I'm sure your research will continue for awhile!

Wendy said...

When my kids were young, our house had an adjustable shower head, similar to that last picture. It was so nice for rinsing out shampoo without irritating their eyes. As they got older, it worked well for showers at each child's individual height. I'd have to say those unusual shower fixtures were one of the few things I liked about that house, lol.

Leslie said...

The beautiful rug in the first picture when just get soaked! The second one seems too tight, the third one to narrow. Your idea seems like a practical, smart mother choice just like you! Love Les
Good lick on your show:)

Unknown said...

Woah! This is a great glass shower screens idea!