Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Green Juice

Today, I started a juice fast. I did one last year and felt spectacular. After Bacchanalia-style eating and drinking all summer, I'm ready for a detox. The plan is to drink green juice in lieu of solid foods for 7-days. I'll drink as much of it as I like to stay satiated. But who knows? At 7 days, I may reassess and go longer. Do any of you, lovely readers, juice or take juice fasts? Tell me why you love it.

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Emily said...

I make and drink green juice on a regular basis, but I have never done a juice fast. I do detox once a year, but again, not as a juice fast. And, I did recently watch "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead" on Netflix. Amazing what a the long juice fast did for these individuals! It saved their lives!
Good luck Sarah, and happy juicing!

Peggy said...

I also watched "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead". My husband & I did a juice fast during Lent for 40 days. There were days when it was really hard for me. Also, I have no idea what people are talking about when they say they all of a sudden have all this energy. I kept taking naps.

That said, I did it again for 2 weeks. Why? I need to lose more weight and this is a great way to do it fast. I stress making 80% veggie to 20% fruit combinations. You need your veggies! I also add flax seeds and chia seeds.

During the 2 week juice fast I decided to add miso soup to my regiment to incorporate fermented goodness and protein.


Sarah Greenman said...

Peggy - yes to the 80 / 20 ratio. Do you juice the chia or flax seeds? And adding Miso sounds lovely as a protein source! Thanks for your comment!

Peggy said...

I used a Vitamix so I throw everything including the seeds in their and blend. Vitamix is very expensive, but if two people are doing it for 40 days it pays for itself. You can't go out to dinner and you are only buying veggies, fruits and seeds.

Though I must say, I felt very anti-social during that time. Eating is such a social thing. Hanging out and not eating with friends and family is weird. Not eating makes people uncomfortable. Or maybe I am used to people my family that just wants to feed people!

Sarah Greenman said...

I've got a vitamix, so I'll definitely give the chia and flax a whirl! Thanks for all your input Peggy!

Peggy said...

You already have a Vitamix? Then you are all set!

I find smoothie juice fasts a lot easier than regular juice fasts. The fiber retained by using a blender like the Vitamix fills you up a lot more than pure juice.

Two blogs you may already know, that are great for healthy eating and juicing inspiration are www.thehealthyginger.com & thugkitchen.com