Friday, April 28, 2017

Going Solo

One year ago this month, I joined forces with my friend, Jay Bailey and moved into a beautiful industrial studio space in Deep Ellum, Dallas. It was a dream come true. I was finally out of my house with space to grow. And guess what? I grew.

I'm so grateful for Jay's company, his guidance, and his generosity. He helped me to grow my business and get clear about the way in which I want to work.

After much consideration, I'm taking another leap of faith by going solo. Today, I signed a lease on my very own studio space. I'm still at the Continental Gin Building on the 3rd floor, but now I'm down the hall in my own 467 square foot studio. What a thrill!

Here are some photos of the empty studio. I'll do some cleaning in the week ahead and then start moving in! I can't wait to share photos and updates as I make this huge transition. Thanks to everyone here at the blog who has supported my work over the years. And also gratitude to my patrons on PATREON. I'm so grateful!


Connie said...

Fabulous! It looks like an amazing space with great light. So thrilled for your growth and success!

Betsy said...

WOW !!! Glad you are still in the "Gin Building" and with the artists that you've come to know. Big move, lots of work - space will be uniquely yours and fun to see it via photos when accomplished. xoxo

rebecca said...

I admire your "drive" and talent. You never let it rest, girl!
Best wishes on another adventure.