Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Silent Retreat

I've had a hard time coming up with something to post here on my blog. All of my thoughts are bending towards my beloved country - watching this rain of executive orders dissolve the fabric of our democracy. And then today, DeVos was confirmed as Secretary of Education. What a mess. 

See? This is not what I want to be writing about. I want to write about beauty and nature. I want to write about spiritual awakening and art. Perhaps the silence here on the blog is good. Perhaps something powerful and impactful will spring forth from this quiet space. All makers and seekers and activists need a moment of contemplation to grieve their losses before re-emerging. This silent retreat is probably good for me. But don't worry... I'm still here. I'm just waiting for... what, I don't know. 

On a separate note: After reading Sara Maitland's book, A Book of Silence, I got curious about the homes and spaces she writes about in the book. I was so pleased to find that Sara's Scottish cottage is actually available to guests! This beautiful hermitage is off the grid and perfect for a silent get away. What a dreamy spot.

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Anonymous said...

It surely does seem overwhelming. Make your calls, write your letters and stand with others when you can, but also take care to feed your soul. Being stressed out and despairing does not help you be the person guided by kindness and empathy that the world needs more of right now. Balance is hard as it is, but we need to strive for it even more now. Many of us are adding civic duty onto our already full plates. Just understand and forgive yourself as you re-balance in a world that seems to be wobbling way too much.