Wednesday, December 07, 2016

New Work | Don't Interrupt the Sorrow

The piece below was born of a demonstration I started in my workshop last week. During the workshop, I began three canvases to give my students a peek at the multiple ways in which I start to cover the canvas and create a piece of art. I work in layers and wanted to show my students that its okay to cover what you've already made. I also wanted to show them how transitory a piece of art in process can be. As my friend, Jay Bailey likes to say, "Art is all about choices". 

So in addition to the finished product, I've included a photo of the first three layers of this painting, which were completed in front of students in my workshop. "Don't Interrupt the Sorrow" is 30x30 inches on stretched canvas and available in my SHOP

Don't Interrupt the Sorrow  |  36 x 36 inch acrylic on canvas  |  Available HERE

BELOW: The first three layers of the painting above.

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