Thursday, November 03, 2016


Today was the first day I really felt that I had landed in the new apartment. It feels like home. I spent the morning at our old house boxing up our estate sale left-overs to be donated to a local thrift and ministry. Then I spent some time at the apartment setting up our two closets and unpacking dishes and glassware. I also made a trip to Half Price Books, where my husband and I unloaded about 500 books as part of their buy-back program. The process of divesting our belongings has been surprisingly nourishing. It feels good to hand so many of our belongings back to the universe. Every time something goes out the door I thank it. I say, "Thank you for making my life so sweet. For everything you gave me. You have my deepest gratitude". Then I let it go.

Here are some photos from the new apartment. 

I also spent a little time on the 1st of November (All Soul's Day) with my Tarot deck. I hadn't done a reading for myself in over a year. This transition seems like the perfect time for a little divination.


Connie said...

Looking better and better! Love the fact that you got the Tarot Cards out.

rebecca said...

What a wonderful phrase to articulate as you divest yourself of excess! Your apartment speaks in a calm, simple and soothing "voice".

Emily said...

It looks like a lovely space and it seems you have all you really need. I purged a bunch 2 years ago and it felt great! Wishing you and your family well during this transition, and I love your gratitude!

Anonymous said...

I love your new home...I had to downsize 2 years ago and it's hard emotionally but it was liberating,I felt so free as I let go of things and possessions! Good luck and God Bless your new home. ❤️