Friday, August 26, 2016

Drawing Club

I'm not really a joiner of clubs. But I've made an exception for Jay Bailey's Drawing Club. First off, Jay is my studio mate at the Continental Gin Building and I think his work is off-the-hook-cray-cray-good. Plus, I enjoy his company. And most importantly, he brings with him a wealth of knowledge and instructional know-how.

Drawing Club is his brainchild, which entails a group of artists getting together a couple of times a month to practice figure drawing with a live figure model. We pay a small fee and receive 3 uninterrupted hours of sketching and occasional instruction from Jay. It's pretty dreamy.

Now before you scroll down through these photos, please know that I am NOT a figure painter. But I really want to learn! So Jay's Drawing Club was the perfect, non-threatening way for me to try my hand at something I've always been interested in, but never had the opportunity to explore. For more information about future Drawing Club offerings, visit Jay's website shop:

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