Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Hot Garden

Here in Dallas, we've had temperatures in the high 90s for about a week. The heat is hard on the humans, but the tomatoes and melons seem to love it. My garden has definitely made the transition from spring to summer. The green beans are done and almost all of my greens are giving up the ghost. Now the cucumbers, melons and tomatoes are marching forward for their moment in the sun.

I took a carbon gardening class today at the Texas Worm Ranch. It was super informative and I'll be able to apply my new knowledge to my own garden as well as our school garden. If you're in the area and would like a hands-on garden education, please check them out. They have on going classes HERE. Here are some snapshots from the garden this week!

Kale and Nasturtium Salad

Baby Cucumber and Tomato Relish

Edible Nasturtium Blossoms

Waiting for Tomatoes


Wisteria is still kicking out some blooms!

Lemon Queen Sunflower

Pearl the Hen

Heirloom French Zucchini

Fresh Eggs from the Hen House

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Emily said...

I'm so impressed with your gardening skills and your drive to learn more!