Friday, April 01, 2016

April Garden Report

I've been away from the garden for a month, but spring came all the same. I left my raised beds with a fresh round of kale, chard, onions, romaine and a smattering of herbs, none of which need a lot of tending. So when I returned, they were full and ready for cutting. The onions of course will stay in the ground for a few more months.

It's so lovely to see things return from winter, blooming and inviting the pollinators to come and play. We've had a wonderful flurry of bees over the past few days. I returned from California with some new additions for the garden, namely a haul of succulent cuttings ready for propagation into containers.

And this week, I put a new apple tree in the ground - a grafted Jersey Black variety that I bought from Seed Savers Exchange. It won't fruit until the 5th or 6th year, but I'm a planner! This week, I also started seeds for my summer and early fall garden: heirloom French zucchini, pickling cucumbers, pole beans, Lemon Queen sunflowers, Paddy Pan squash and golden squash! Even after only a few days, I've already got germinating sprouts!

Tell me what's growing in your garden?


Connie said...

It's looking amazing!
Here in Oregon, the forsythia and daffodils are in full bloom. Fruit trees are just starting to show fat buds and the grasses are greening up. So beautiful! I brought home a tomato plant from California that I will baby until I can get it planted in the garden. Thought I could get a head start. We'll see.

Emily said...

It looks so hardy and healthy!