Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Chicks on Ice

Today, we're dusting off the sleet and snow. We're supposed to have a warmer day before temps drop once again and we get a third round of snow. The hens, while a little pissed, seem to be handling the cool weather beautifully. These cold dark days have kept them from producing their first egg, but we're hopeful that things will change when the spring weather arrives.

Do you do anything special to "winterize" your chickens? 


leslie said...

Well, I live in Iowa where it's a lot colder so I do "winterize" our coop. I wrap the outside of the coop and run in clear plastic tarp (with ventilation slits near the ceiling for air circulation), turn the roosts sideways so that their feet are covered when they sleep and feed them a bit of scratch every day to help them keep warm. I also give them stuff to "play" with like a bale of hay, chicken swing (hilarious) or treats that take a bit more work to get at so they won't get too annoyed with each other during the long winter. It has been really cold this year so I see a few combs with a bit of frostbite but other than that the ladies are doing fine. They've even been giving me some eggs all winter long! Good girls :)

Notes From ABroad said...

I see coops "winterized " up here too NY State.
Between the wind and blistering cold we have had plus snow, I don't know how any creatures manage to live outside , at night especially.
The farm up the hill brings in all the Highland cattle and sheep at night.. I would think chickens need winterizing too !