Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Home Tour | French Painter Christian de Laubadère

This week, I sold the large queen bed that was taking up most of the real estate in my art studio. Not only was it completely in the way, but it was only functional a few weeks out of the year. Granted, I love hosting family at the house and I understand that they need a place to lay their head at the end of the day, but I think that can be accomplished without undermining the integrity of my creative space. I'll be brainstorming sleep arrangements in the near future, but until then I have my studio back!

Today, I'm reclaiming that space and setting up my various work areas. I want it to be comfortable with all of my materials at my fingertips. For inspiration, I have been pouring over photos of the home of French painter Christian de Laubadère. Laubadère's Shanghai home, pictured below, is filled with mandarin portraits, blue and white Chinese porcelain, carved wood frames and a host of other oriental artifacts. I love the fusion of layered textiles, objects displayed only for their beauty, his heavy use of blue and red all wrapped up in discreet functional spaces. This is bohemian aesthetics at it's best.

Photography by Ricardo Labougle for the World of Interiors

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