Monday, December 08, 2014

Bathroom Remodel | Week 3

We're at the beginning of week three for our bathroom remodel, which also includes bringing the converted garage up to speed with a new door, a new AC and heat unit and the removal of the old 1981 AC wall unit. Again, we're switching things up because we need a wheelchair accessible bathroom for my son, Charlie. Plus we had a slow growing mold issue in this spot that needed to be dealt with immediately. Things seem to be moving quickly! You can see last week's post HERE if you'd like to see the design inspiration and the the gory mold details.

This week, our team will finish the dry wall installation and begin tiling. I'm really excited to see the surfaces knowing that all of the plumbing, electrical and mold abatement are handled now. Here is the newest crop of process photos!

Looking into the bathroom from the new pocket door:

Before we tore out the old half bath and switched out the laundry area.

The new shower takes up the entirety of our old half bath.

Looking from the back of the bathroom out through the pocket door to the laundry units, 
which are now tucked under the window.

Looking from the converted garage through the new doorway into the laundry area.

The new AC and heating unit is installed and the old beastly one has been removed.
We'll be putting a window in that corner to allow for more natural light in the room.

And finally, a new door for the converted garage that let's in natural light and actually closes and locks!
Also, we installed a new can light at the entrance with a wall switch right by the door!

Stay tuned for tile photos!
Have a great Monday. xo

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