Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Bathroom Remodel Update

We're two weeks in to a bathroom remodel and things are going very well, despite some mold damage we discovered during the demolition process. I've never been a part of a remodel in my own home. Usually my interaction with this kind of work is more objective because it's happening in someone else's home. I had no idea how emotionally involved I'd become! I have loved designing this space and working with our wonderful contractor, Jeff Van Buskirk of Heritage Remodel and Construction.

Just a reminder, here is what it looked like before demo began. 

Here is the original mold damage. (Barf.) Luckily, it's all been remedied and rebuilt. The whole space is now framed out with new plumbing and electrical lines. 

As far as the cosmetic look of the space, here are two inspiration photos I'm using as we select surfaces and fixtures. Many of the materials I'm using are either second hand or donated to the project, so my level of choice is a bit limited. But we're building a custom vanity in the style of the photo below. The flooring will be a traditional 1 by 1 inch hexagon pattern and the shower will be white subway tile. Inexpensive and classic.

Below are the fixtures going into our sink and shower from the generous people at Moen.

THIS is the faucet going into our vanity sink.

I found the photo below on Pinterest. This is very much in line with the look of my shower-to-be. We're using the same Moen fixture, white subway tile grouted in light gray and the insets will be backed with the same hexagonal tile that's on the floor. 

I'm so excited to finally have a wheelchair accessible bathroom in our home. I can't emphasize how important this change will be for our family and for my son, Charlie.


Emily said...

This all looks too familiar to me! Good luck, it can be emotional, but the payoff will be huge!

Leah said...

it is going to look great and I absolutely love the floating wood vanity!