Thursday, November 20, 2014

Bath Remodel | Day 1

Hello dear readers! I have some exciting news today. After much planning and saving, we're embarking on a handicapped accessible bathroom remodel for my son, Charlie! As many of you know, Charlie has Cerebral Palsy due to stroke and is therefore in a wheelchair. Our two full baths are so tiny and so difficult to get to that we have been unable to begin potty training with Charlie (now four-years-old). We're also only able to bathe him once every couple of weeks. Stupid, right?

The answer? A new bathroom with a wide door, a walk in shower, an unobstructed toilet and room enough to turn around in a wheelchair. We've been planning for this remodel for a while now, but a mold issue in the existing half bath has created a situation whereby we must act now. So we've moved up our time line and there are currently two men in my laundry room stripping everything down to the studs. I've included the "before" photos below.

If you're interested in helping us create this bathroom for Charlie, please visit his website or you can contribute directly to his assistance fund via Paypal using the button below. As always, thank you so much for your support!

This bathroom remodel is going to create a much higher level of normalcy for Charlie 
and we couldn't be happier!


Emily said...

I wish you the best with this project, and with sweet Charlie. I made a donation : )

Sarah Greenman said...

Thank you so much Emily! I so appreciate it. xo