Thursday, October 30, 2014

Coop Foundation

After lots of sod cutting and dig dig digging, I have completed the coop foundation. My part in this coop building project was labor intensive, but easy: create a predator proof and level foundation on which to build. Check.

The next part of the process will go pretty quickly. My partner in crime, James Curvan - a marvelous architect and builder here in Dallas, has been building my coop and chicken pen off site. Today, he's arriving to install the coop in sections. He and I will spend the next three days piecing the coop together and finessing the details. It's just like Christmas!

And the coop is going in just at the right time. The hens are 6 weeks old today. They are almost fully feathered and do not resemble chicks any longer. They're ready to move out of the nursery into their big-girl room.

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