Friday, August 29, 2014

Patterns and Prints in the Bathroom

My bathroom is a serene blue and gray space with minimal pattern. It's a soothing place and I love the indigo color scheme. But sometimes I dream about putting a bold tile in the bath area or hanging a brightly patterned wallpaper. Here are some bathroom interiors that inspire my imagination:

source - photo by Rinne Allen


Wendy said...

I love a lot of pattern, but I have a hard time making a commitment to something like tile or wallpaper that seems so permanent! I do love that last picture though….Thanks for the pretty pictures!

Krista Nye Schwartz said...

Hey there. It would be greatly appreciated if you would provide links and credit for the photos used. The last image is of my bathroom, designed by my firm CLOTH & KIND and photos taken by Rinne Allen. We put a lot of time and energy into our work and our website, and all we ask for is proper credit to be given when using the images. Plus, it's just the right bloggerly thing to do. Thanks.

Sarah Greenman said...

Thank you Krista. Beautiful job of this bathroom - just astounding really. Sorry that I haven't been able to credit many of my photos lately. When I find them, they've been mid-credited already and it seems impossible to share the brilliant little nooks of the world created by others. Please accept my apologies. Yours - Sarah Greenman