Monday, August 04, 2014

Grand Canyon

My man took me on a 36-hour getaway to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon yesterday in celebration of my birthday! The canyon was cloaked in fog all morning and afternoon, playing peek-a-boo, strip teasing here and there. Then in the evening, she unmasked and gave us the whole enchilada. It was a beautiful trip.

Here we are socked in with fog.

Every overlook was obstructed with clouds and mist.

Someone was kind enough to take our photo in front of the canyon. Ha!

But every once in a while, the canyon would say hello for a moment.

We headed for the North Rim Lodge and enjoyed a picnic in our car, waiting for the fog to lift.

And in the late afternoon, the clouds dissipated and revealed this awe-inspiring view.

We had a beautiful meal at the lodge and watched the sun set on the canyon from our window.



Unknown said...

What an amazing view! I'd love to visit the grand canyon one day :)

Betsy said...

Glorious shots from fog, to people, to canyon in full glory. So glad you two found the time to make this trip. Thanks for sharing the photos!

Marla said...

Beautiful photography

Val said...

How wonderful to see it in both moods!