Monday, June 16, 2014

Make Your Own Garden Structures

My backyard has seen a lot of changes this year. We tore out a dead tree, built a new patio, replaced the fence, created a vegetable garden and are in the process of planning for backyard chickens, which will arrive in the fall. However, the new addition that has brought me the most pleasure in the garden is the arbor my Mom and Stepdad built for me this winter. I have spent many happy hours lolling in that bench swing dreaming and scheming.

Now that I've attended to the more practical aspects of our backyard reconstruction, I would like to add a little more architecture to the space. I am also interested in adding some surface space on which vines and taller plants can grow. This will increase the greenery foot print and create some vertical visual interest. I have a power drill, a saw and lots of scrap wood and paint. These seem to be the ingredients for a DIY obelisk. I will probably be using THIS tutorial from Cottage at the Crossroads or THIS one from Flower Patch Farm House. But until I can get started, I'll be browsing different shapes and styles like the ones below for inspiration.


Melissa @ An Impulse To Soar said...

Love the blue ones in the first picture!

Val said...

Wow, cool ideas!