Friday, June 20, 2014

Final Dress | Sense & Sensibility

Tonight is our final dress rehearsal for Sense & Sensibility at the Utah Shakespeare Festival. We begin preview performances for paying audiences at the beginning of next week! Here's a look at my costumes for the show:

I cannot tell you how much fun it is to have a beautiful period costume, created from the ground up, just for me. Even my wedding dress didn't fit this well! The designers, artisans and crafts-people in the costume shop at USF are mind-bogglingly talented. This show is going to be so beautiful. Wish us luck!

And here is a production shot from last night's rehearsal:

Pictured with me are Bri Sudia (center) and Cassandra Bissell.


Wendy said...

The dresses are gorgeous and the transformation complete. It took several moments for it to register that it was you!
Good Luck!

Tami Cohen said...

break a leg! you look fabulous!