Monday, March 24, 2014

March Garden Report

More adventures in radical homemaking! I spent this weekend in the garden. I cleaned up the flower beds, trimmed back gangly tree limbs and turned the compost pile. Now that our fence has been replaced (can I get a Hell Yeah!). I can tackle some of my bigger projects. This weekend I created a stone path to my new bench swing, dismantled my son's old sandpile and installed a bark mulch border.

I also had a chance to taste the first offerings from my raised veggie bed! There is nothing like eating crisp and flavorful organic spring greens from your own back yard. I've been thrilled with the results of my seed project. Here is a look at my March garden.

The flat stones came from my front yard. They were scattered all over the place, covered by brush - signs of landscaping from the previous owners. I brought them all together to create a stepping stone path to the bench swing.

My big splurge was an established 4-foot Wisteria vine from our local nursery. These babies do very well here in Texas. I was unable to put it in the ground as I had wished due to a spectacularly stubborn root system left by deceased Sycamore. My attempts to dig in this particular corner were thwarted.

When my mother was here over winter break, she created a stone border around the corner beds by the gate. Previously, the grassy ground cover was spilling out all over the walkway, which makes it tough for my son's wheelchair and walker to pass by. Thank you mom - it looks so nice and clean!

Mixed lettuces...


I put this succulent in a painted pot that my son made when he was three.

And a view of my aqua blue potting hutch.
This piece has been a fantastic addition to my patio. 
It doubles as a bar or buffet when we have friends over!

And lastly, I wanted to thank the anonymous comment yesterday about my new blog banner. I so appreciate reader input! As per the commenter's suggestion, I have added a little color to the header with a taste of my own artwork.

Anonymous said... 
I love your blog and the way you look at the world so much! Soulful, yes! I miss the colour in the new banner, its nice but too serious for me. I think it doesn't reflect the spirit of the blog which is more playful.

What do you think?
Do I need more color?
Does it reflect the tone of the blog?
I'd love to hear your thoughts.


Connie said...

First, you're welcome. The yard looks so inviting, and I love the stone path to the swing. Can't wait to see the wisteria in bloom next year.
The addition of the butterflies is perfect. I'm so glad your reader made the suggestion.

Melissa @ An Impulse To Soar said...

Love the banner, that hutch is amazing, and love this series. Your back-yard looks great.

Rachel Anderson said...

la la la love the new banner! R