Monday, February 24, 2014

Raised Bed

After 8 weeks of nursing seedlings on windowsills, I've moved my green babies to the raised bed. I know that the end of February is still icy cold in most states, but here in Texas it seems to be the right time to transplant. I've got kale, chard, spinach and mix lettuces in the ground and a few Nasturtiums around the edges for good measure. We may still have a frosty night or two ahead, but I've planted winter veggies that can handle the cold.

The biggest chore while creating my raised bed was to level the soil. My backyard is completely uneven, but after lots of work, my soil is finally level. This is the first time I've grown veggies from seed and my hope is that they're a bit hardier than the store bought varieties. We'll see!

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