Friday, January 31, 2014

Color and Art in Argentina | Home Tour

Yesterday I found this amazing home on a beautiful South American home decor blog called Casa Chaucha. Browsing photos of this colorful and sunny home is the perfect salve for those of us bracing against a biting North American winter. The home is in the Santa Fe Province of Argentina and is owned by Silvina, a textile designer and Diego, an artist and publicist. My favorite part of the house are the hot pink exterior walls!

Go see all of the photos HERE.


Rachel Anderson said... fabulous!!!!

Notes From ABroad said...

Santa Fe is too far from Buenos Aires for us to have gone for a short visit but I have to say, all the homes in Argentina are nice!
They have great style, everything comes from Europe or Argentina so they have a nice unique style compared to places that have an Ikea where everyone buys the same thing :)
I am really missing BA these days, I have to go back for a visit.
Happy Friday !

Unknown said...
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Sarah Greenman said...

Thank you Kristine! So glad you found me!!!

Pamela Munger said...

love that dining table with the mismatched chairs.

Shavonda@AHomeFullOfColor said...

WOW! I love your house tours and this one definitely does not disappoint! Its so vibrant and colorful and just perfect. Thanks so much for sharing.