Friday, July 19, 2013

Flowers in Wallingford

I'm in Seattle this week visiting family and I wanted to share some snapshot from yesterday afternoon. The gardens in Wallingford (and elsewhere) are in full bloom. While the flowers in my Dallas garden are being burned alive, fighting for dear life, Seattle gardens are well watered, happily sunning themselves and flourishing. Even the flowers that need dead-heading are gorgeous!

My husband and I have been doing what Seattle natives do best - drinking great coffee and beer, walking everywhere and surfing the internet in groovy spaces.

Oh... and I had the opportunity to borrow some hand cream from my sister-in-law's vanity. It's called Royal Apothic and you must try some. I used the Meyer Blooms fragrance. After a short internet search, I found it at Anthropologie.  (Of course.) Anyway... I'm hooked.

More from my Pacific Northwest journey anon... 

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