Tuesday, June 11, 2013

DIY Embellishments

I'm feeling crafty this week, combing Pinterest for some small but fun projects. 
Here are a few that I'm tucking away in my idea file for those times when I have a free moment. 

Dress up an outfit with a top sewn patch pocket.

Hand paint some flat stones as paper weights or garden treasures!  Great to do with my son. 

Upcycle my grandmother's old watches with photographs in the clock face. 
source unknown

Here's one for father's day crafters: turn an old tie into glass cases!  

Freshen up your summer bed with new pillowcases, 
which are super easy to sew up if you have a machine. Add some vintage trim!


Emily said...

I love the pillow case idea for my guest room!
I also love the top sewn patch pocket, but that type of sewing is too advanced for me--ha!

Cindi said...

The pillow cases are adorable and can be varied in so many ways. I've already got a patchwork-pillow-project that has been laying still for some time now, but when I finally finish it, I'll know what to do next :)