Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Inventing Abstraction 1910-1925 at the MoMA

I'm still reeling from my wonderful experience of viewing Inventing Abstraction 1910-1925 at the MOMA in NYC on Saturday morning. When I think of the creative cojones it took to make this kind of art at this particular time, I'm gobsmacked. Here are some of my favorite pieces:

"Chromatic Fantasy" by Augusto Giacometti - 1914

"The Source" by Francis Picabia - 1912

"Composition V" by Vasily Kandinsky - 1911

"Madame Kupka Among the Verticals" by FrantiĊĦek Kupka - 1910

"Dada" by Hans Arp - 1920

"Network of Stoppages" by Marcel Duchamp - 1914

"Schadograph" by Christian Schad - 1918

"Composition" by Piet Mondrian - 1916

"Dynamism of a Soccer Player" by Umberto Boccioni - 1913

"White on White" by Kazimir Malevich - 1918

"Music - Pink and Blue No. 2" - by Georgia O'Keeffe - 1918

Again, you can see all of the paintings from the exhibit by clicking HERE.
You will lose hours of your life. Unless of course you can't stand abstract art, 
in which case skip the MOMA site and go make yourself a sandwich. 


Vanesa said...

amo esas pinturas y a Kandinsky!!!!

Austin S. Brooks said...

Great choices. We loved, loved, LOVED the exhibit. Imagine making art without the template as to what art actually is all about, talk about cojonoes! Thanks for the great choices, we picked a few of our own as well.