Tuesday, January 01, 2013

2012 - Year in Review

Happy New Year, dear readers!  Every year I do a little re-cap of the previous year's completed projects and achievements. It's a nice way to take stock of the past 12 months and breathe a sigh of contentment before pressing on to new resolutions and goals. (If you're interested, you can take a look back at 2011 and 2010.)

While, the year was somewhat slow for home improvements,
2012 was an enormous transitional year for me and my family. 
Here's a look back at my top 20 highlights:

I painted my living room BLUE.

I finally replaced my SINK

I traveled to Ithaca College in New York for a READING OF MY PLAY.

I did some fun DIY projects like THIS.

I took a WRITING RETREAT so I could work on my book and do some PAINTING

I began a new writing ROUTINE

I opened a shop on Etsy TO SELL MY ARTWORK.

I had a large but necessary EMOTIONAL MELTDOWN

I transformed our guest room into a HOME STUDIO and office. 

I discovered that Charlie had EPILEPSY due to his stroke. 

I was honored to participate in the KENNA CUP golf tournament - 
a benefit for my son, Charlie, and two other inspiring kiddos. 

My home was FEATURED ON HOUZZ.com.

I reached my goal of losing 75 POUNDS IN ONE YEAR.

I started working as a freelance contributor for HOUZZ.com and published 28 articles.

I celebrated my 75 pound weight loss by taking a sojourn to ZION NATIONAL PARK.

La Maison Boheme hit 1,000 FOLLOWERS!

I completed the WARRIOR DASH without dropping dead.

I created a RAISED VEGETABLE GARDEN in my back yard

I ran my FIRST EVER 5K.

And I started the year with some TOUGH NEWS from Charlie's January MRI.


Some SQL said...

What a year for you! So many ups and downs - and you still manage to share it with all of us. Best wishes for you in the new year, my dear. You are a treasure and an inspiration.

Little Pieces of Light said...

Wow. What an unbelievable year for you. I'm so deeply moved that you remain so optimistic and strong throughout everything. And I love your honesty about everything! I just spent the last 20min catching up on your links on Charlie, your writing, etc. You are such an amazing person!!! I hope 2013 brings you so much love and joy and especially health & happiness for Charlie and your family.

x Milsters


Corrina said...

SARAH!!!! wow words can't express except your year puts mine to shame, I love your energy and tenacity. Here's to a new year full of wonderfulness for you and your family xxCorrina.

Emily said...

Wow, what a year you have had Sarah.
Love you and your blog!
Happy 2013!

Anonymous said...

What an amazing and inspiring post. Congrats on achieving all of your goals. I can't wait to follow along with you on this years journey.

Rachel Anderson said...

So inspiring to see all of these life milestones...good and bad...lined up for review. That is life after all.. good and bad, right? Cheers to handling it with grace and style!love R