Tuesday, May 31, 2011


My husband picked up some gorgeous silverware for me this past Christmas and since then, I've taken such pleasure in setting my table. I had never before thought of silverware and eating utensils as beautiful.  Silly me.  Do you collect old serving ware?  Do you have a newish set or family hand-me-downs?  







Claudia Fabiana said...

I have some beautiful old family silver that I need to get out more often and use in more casual settings, since we don't do any formal entertaining besides Christmas. Thanks for posting.

jules @ The Diversion Project said...

i do have some nice bits tucked away - thanks for reminding me to use them! xx

Suze said...

These photographs are beautiful. I am so happy I stumbled onto your blog.

La Boheme said...

I don't have a nice set (yet) but a friend of mine collects teaspoons from her travels. It's unusual hobby but she has some beauties in her drawer! xoxo

Fancy House Road said...

You've inspired me to start collecting utensils from thrift/antique stores. I collect fun plates, mugs and glasses. Why had I never thought of utensils. Fancy.


Karena said...

I love your lineup of unique pieces of cutlery!! Something fun to find at the markets!

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Kelly | Fabulous K said...

Thanks for commenting on SKINNY! So excited to have you join me on this journey. :)

cinco lobitos said...

i love old cutlery!!! you can do lots of thing with them to decorate!!!


Oh YES, I certainly do collect antique silver flatware! I just love yours with a rustic flair. In fact, I also have been creating oil paintings from mine, most of which are from the Victorian era thus over a century old. I've always been in awe of the immense beauty derived from nature and so skillfully interpreted in silver...truly works of art in their own right! My paintings are merely a homage to those master silversmiths.