Friday, May 29, 2009

Leo Posillico

I recently inherited two interesting pieces of art due to a family move. They are by Leo Posilico, an artist I was not previously aware of. These two prints did not fit into my home right away, but now that they are on the walls, I'm really enjoying them. One is entitled, "Artists Have All the Fun" and depicts a janitor cleaning after a gallery viewing. The other is called "Uncontrollable Season" and is pictured at the bottom.

Looking for a Good "A"

Second Opinion

The Uncontrollable Season


Anonymous said...

I've never heard of him either. But I really like these prints. Wish I could come to your house and see them closer! (I just invite myself over like that.)

Have a lovely weekend!

Unknown said...

I just saw your post and the pictures I was actually doing a search for Leo Pasillico! I've known about Leo Pasillico for over 20 years! I worked on The Newlywed Game in the 1980s, and the winning couple would win a roomful of furniture. Some of the furnishing packages would sometimes include one of his paintings (a litho or serio). I loved his work from day 1, and am extremely jealous that you have two pieces! I hope you still have them continue to enjoy them!